About Us

We founded our company when the demand for these mobile structures was huge.

At first, we focussed mostly on party tents but we quickly realised that our clients wanted bigger and sturdier yet mobile, structures.

They also wanted more variation.

Our first tents were not always so pleasing to look at and we made an effort over the years to create well-manufactured and good-looking structures.

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We employed several experts like designers, engineers and metallurgists. Soon we were able to provide in all our clients’ needs.

We are proud of the development that took place within our company.

From starting small, we soon were able to provide for about 200 events on a weekend.

Our company is outstanding for the following reasons:

  • We have excellent skills in our workforce
  • Very little staff turnover
  • Every one of our employees is an expert in his/her field
  • Our marketing team delivers outstanding results
  • The production team works day and night shifts to deliver products on time
  • Our delivery team has never been late for a delivery
  • We never had any casualties with any of our structures
  • We have a positive feedback rate of over 80% from our clients
  • All of our employees undergo regular training and refresher courses in their specific field
  • We have certification on all of our materials and products
  • The company has won several awards in the field of manufacturing and construction
  • We are always ready for changes when needed
  • Our company is sensitive about customer demands and will go the extra mile to deliver what the client needs
  • We are constantly improving our designs, production and service delivery.

Our mission is to provide the clients, whatever their need may be, with excellent service and quality at affordable prizes.

We strive to improve our infrastructure, manufacturing and marketing relations as an ongoing action.

It is important to us to be the best in our field and be successful.

We strive to be competitive but not to the expense of our employees or our clients.