All of our products are versatile and clients use it for various purposes. The structures are easy to erect and tear down, sturdy and secure. The company guarantees all material. We have the following products available:

1.      Party tents

These tents may be enclosed structures for a more formal wedding or birthday party. It is secure and waterproof.

Clients may prefer to use these tents when the weather is unpredictable.

 2.      Stretch tents

This is a radical innovation in the tenting industry. Our stretch fabric is 100% waterproof.

It creates various sizes and shapes.

It can fit any type of function like weddings, birthday parties, musical events, etc.

It can have sides up or down, it may have curtains or not and it is possible to fit it with various lights.

Poles are not always necessary. The stretch tents can fit around trees, walls and rocks.

These tents are excellent to use in the summer and hot summer evenings.

Our stretch tents are by far the most popular of our party and events products.

3.      Warehouse structures

This is a more permanent structure with fixed attachments.

We design, manufacture and erect metal frame structures that clients can use as office buildings, sports halls and for agricultural purposes.

 4.      Hangars

These hangars may be temporary or more permanent. Clients may use it for events e.g. air shows to temporarily store the aircraft. These hangars are also for exhibitions.

5.      Inflatable buildings

These type of buildings have various benefits in that it is very quick to erect, does not have any supporting frames and people without any expertise can tear it down again.

Clients use it for sporting events like ice-skating.

It is safe, secure and weather proof.

The material used for this buildings are of very high quality.

It is easy to repair in the event of a tear.

6.      Steel buildings

We have many different types of steel structures manufactured according to the client’s needs.

We are open to listen to new ideas from clients. Our company is proud of our capability of creating structures to fit the client’s special needs.

7.      Prefabricated and mobile homes

We design, manufacture and deliver these homes to clients. These homes come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.


We are mainly a steel manufacturing company but want to collaborate with other companies. We are looking to have long-term business relationships with architects, metal frame manufacturers and other building companies.

It is possible to align our services with others like marketers, caterers, wedding planners, events planners, schools, universities, sports clubs, etc.

We are extremely proud of our services and high-quality products. Therefore, we want to promote our products to as many different markets as possible.

Our company are looking for partners and representatives. People who may act as our agents can contact us for the necessary interviews and further actions.

If you bring us new clients and they buy or rent from us, you may receive a certain percentage of the sale.